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608, 2018

What a Bail Bond Is and How It Works

When a close friend or relative has been arrested and needs to post bail, they may not always be able to afford it. That’s where a bail bond comes in. As an outside party, you can apply for help on their behalf with a bond from a local surety company. Once bail is paid, your loved

3107, 2018

Finding a Good Bail Bondsman

If someone close to you has been arrested, but can’t afford to pay bail, you may be able to help them gain freedom until their trial date by getting a bail bond. In 2015, over 56,000 crimes were reported across the state of Colorado and many of the people arrested needed a bail bondsman before being

1905, 2018

6 Things To Ask Your Bail Agent Before Hiring Them

Unfortunately, we sometimes receive frantic phone calls from people who have been arrested or family members of someone who has been arrested. During such devastating situations, everyone involved becomes emotional and fragile, and want to get themselves or their loved ones out of jail as quickly as possible. But oftentimes, they would not know how to

1505, 2018

How Does A Bail Bond Work? Learn the Basics

    Being arrested or incarcerated for breaking the law is an unfortunate situation no one wants to be in. Because you do not want to stay in jail, you need to pay or post bail to the court. But first, you need to understand the processes involved before, after, and during the time that you

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